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II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.

25. Your generous donation can make a huge difference ______ the life of those living below the poverty line.

A. from B. on C. to D. of

26. I thought the journey would be simple, but ______ could be further from the truth.

A. anything B. something C. nothing D. any thing

27. Well known for their amazing strength, ants can lift ______.

A. heavier than 50 times their own weight

B. 50 times heavy as their own weight

C. 50 times heavy than their own weight

D. 50 times their own weight

28. Though he ______ many times, he still had no idea of this complicated concept.

A. had told B. have been told

C. had been told D. has told

29. The Guinness World Records recognized 30-year-old Jessica Cox the first person without arms ______ an airplane.

A. flying B. flew C. having flown D. to fly

30. During my journey, I started thinking about how difficult it ______ to travel before cars, trains and planes made our lives so much easier.

A. needn’t have been B. shouldn’t have been

C. must have been D. should have been

31. Such great progress ______ in English so far that his friends can hardly believe that.

A. has Jack made B. Jack has made

C. does Jack make D. Jack makes

32. Lost in Thailand made people laugh and ______ them without big, expensive effects.

A. entertains B. entertained C. was entertaining D. had entertained

33. ______ there is nothing wrong with fast food, our health is more important than our desire to finish eating as quickly as possible.

A. Once B. While C. As D. Since

34. ______ of the current news, whether it is domestic or overseas, is his daily routine.

A. Being informed B. Informed

C. Informing D. Having been informed

35. The sight or even thought of snakes may give you a horrible feeling, but there are a few exceptions ______ prove snakes are not always associated with horror.

A. which B. where C. to which D. what

36. Quantities of precious jewelry, ______ buried deep in the earth, amazed all the people present.

A. was found B. were found C. to be found D. found

37. Around 2000 years ago, many merchants travelled along ______ became known as the Silk Road.

A. where B. what C. that D. which

38. It was while Chaplin was travelling with a group of other performers in the USA ______ he was given a chance to be in a film.#p#分页标题#e#

A. where B. when C. that D. which

39. There were only ten minutes ______ when they hurried to the departure gate at the airport.

A. remained B. remaining C. to remain D. being remained

40. Beijing and Shanghai have released their plans to gradually allow students to take college entrance exams ______ their parents work as migrant workers.

A. where B. when C. in which D. that

Section B

Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need.

A. revolutionized B. tricky C. available D. destinations E. competitive

F. territory G. standard H. processed I. appealing J. delivery

Everyone who knows Olivia Griffiths is impressed by her unique sense of style. Whenever she walks into a room, heads turn. Her friends wonder how she managed to get the new Mulberry handbag that no one had thought was 41 in Australia yet.

The truth is that Olivia has never left Australia. But with a few clicks of her computer mouse, she can travel to shopping 42 around the world. Online shopping has 43 the consumer experience. With the help of an increasing number of online shops overseas, shoppers can now pick up interesting goods from all over the world.

The biggest advantage of shopping on foreign websites is the wide range of choices available. For example, Chinese shoppers are often disappointed when Gap products are not available locally. But now it’s possible to order these products straight from the US with a credit card and a small 44 fee. Other benefits of online shopping include 45 prices. When items are bought online from other countries, they’re often tax-free.

However, when you buy things from a foreign website, things can get 46 too. So make sure you pay extra attention to protecting your rights.

Sometimes it can be difficult to handle foreign websites because of the unfamiliar language. For example, the term “shipped in 1-5 working days” can be confusing for Chinese shoppers, as it doesn’t clarify whether this is the time in which the product will arrive or the time it takes for it to be 47 。

The method of shipping can also determine whether you get your product at all. Unless you choose express or priority shipping, which only takes a few days to deliver but is more expensive, most 48 international shipping doesn’t offer a tracking option ― which means once your products are shipped outside of the country there’s no way of finding out where they are.

The best consumers are the most sensible ones. If you’re interested in expanding your shopping 49 to foreign websites, make sure you do your research beforehand to avoid your money and products being lost on the way.

III. Reading Comprehension

Section A

Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.#p#分页标题#e#

Starting around 1348, the plague(瘟疫) hit the continents of Europe and Asia. As a result, it killed an 50 forty million people. This disease has come to be known as the Black Death. Its victims suffered a horribly painful death 51 by fever and dying, blackened flesh.

Although they are not certain, many historians agree that the Black Death probably originated in China and spread through trade 52 , carried by fleas (跳蚤)found on rats. Rats are very common in cities, so these areas were hit the hardest. The disease passed to humans when the fleas would jump from the rats to a human host.

Every social group suffered from the Black Death---it was not a discriminating (有识别力的)disease. But those who lived in rural settings were sometimes 53 , as were the wealthy, who had less 54 with outsiders and could afford to move to more remote areas in an 55 to spare themselves.

The Black Death had many long-term 56 。 Certain areas of Europe were nearly 57 after it, including some of its prosperous cities. For example, Bremen, Germany, lost almost 7,000 of its 12,000 inhabitants; Florence, Italy, lost 40,000 of its nearly 90,000; and Paris lost more than 50,000 of its 180,000. Major cities had to create mass graveyards where the dead could be buried. European population only began to 58 again in the last decades of the 15th century.

The Black Death also brought about 59 changes. As large numbers of peasants died, there was a shortage of labor. Peasants had 60 spent generations working for the same family, but after the plague hit, they began to take advantage of the labor 61 。 Workers 62 many times their usual pay for work and would sometimes move to a new lord or noble who offered 63 incentives (刺激;鼓励) and working conditions. In this way, the Black Death caused the landowning aristocracy (贵族) to lose much of their power and social 64 。

50. A. enormous B. evaluated C. estimated D. expected

51. A. characterized B. reported C. specialized D. caused

52. A. stations B. goods C. routine D. route

53. A. infected B. spread C. spared D. included

54. A. contact B. similarities C. exchange D. trade

55. A. attraction B. attempt C. effect D. advantage

56. A. consequences B. harms C. effect D. correction

57. A. bare B. populated C. deserted D. developed

58. A. decline B. recover C. motivate D. grow

59. A. economic B. racial C. global D. political

60. A. barely B. usually C. stubbornly D. previously

61. A. boom B. growth C. shortages D. drain

62. A. won B. charged C. offered D. sped

63. A. higher B. better C. similar D. changing

64. A. post B. dream C. system D. position

Section B

Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.#p#分页标题#e#


The butterfly, which is competitive swimming’s newest stroke(划水), was developed in the mid-1930s, but it wasn’t allowed in the Olympics until 1956. The story of the butterfly is a good illustration of how coaches and swimmers are constantly searching for ways to improve stroke efficiency.

During the 1920s, the Japanese Olympic coaches used underwater photography to research stroke mechanics, and their efforts paid off when Japanese competitors won five of the six men’s swimming gold medals at the 1932 Games in Los Angeles.

It was a wake-up call to the rest of the swimming world, and one of the top US coaches – David Armbruster at the University of Iowa – began doing his own filming.

Armbruster was seeking to make the breaststroke faster. He knew that the action of bringing their arms forward underwater slowed breaststrokes down, so he came up with a method of bringing the arms forward over the water. The revised stroke (he kept the breaststroke kick) brought great improvements in speed.

The following year, Jack Sieg, an Iowa swimmer, developed a technique involving swimming on his side and beating his legs in unison(一致) similar to a fish tail. As Armbruster later explained in the book Weissmuller to Spitz: The History and Background of the Olympic Games: “Sieg tried the same action while swimming face down. Sieg synchronized his leg action with the butterfly arm action using two leg beats to each arm pull.” But the kick was ruled illegal because the legs moved in the vertical (垂直的) plane.

Within a few years, nearly every breaststroker was using this overarm butterfly action without the kick. The pure butterfly wasn’t legalized for some two decades, but at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne ‘the fly’ became an official event.

65. The best title of the article is _____.

A. Why did the coaches and swimmers improve stroke efficiency?

B. How did the butterfly come into being?

C. How did the Japanese wake up the swimming world?

D. When did ‘the fly’ become an official event?

66. The Japanese coaches use underwater photography in order to ______.

A. wake up the swimming world

B. be paid more money

C. know how to be a mechanic.

D. improve stroke efficiency.

67. Before the pure butterfly was officially recognized, ______ years or so had passed 。

A. 15 B. 20 C. 30 D. 35

68. According to the passage, which statement is NOT true?

A. The Japanese coaches improved butterfly stroke.

B. David Armbruster used filming to study stroke mechanics.

C. Sieg came up with the idea of beating legs like a fish tail.

D. The butterfly was added to the Olympics in 1956.


Singapore National Eye Centre

“I could have lost my vision.#p#分页标题#e#

SNEC restored my sight.”

A macular hole, a hole at the most crucial part of the retina brought Bonny Huang who is from Hong Kong to the Singapore National Eye Centre for treatment. The retina is the light sensing nerve tissue at the back of the eye. In no time the potentially blinding condition was treated and his vision is now restored.

“In April 2008, I noticed straight lines started to become distorted, and white patch appeared in the centre of my vision. I went to the Singapore National Eye Centre immediately. The ophthalmologist, a medical doctor who specializes in eye care and surgery, found a central macular hole in my left eye.”

The treatment of this condition involves delicate judgment dependent on the experience of the doctor. The success of the recovery, however, relies largely on the face-down posture by the patient.

“The Ophthalmologist explained to me the operational procedures, and taught me how to comply with the post-surgery face-down posture. The best part is that when I forgot some of the key points he told me, he showed no sign of resentment but instead comforted me not to worry before he went through the points again. I underwent an operation which lasted for only one hour, and maintained a face-down posture for three weeks. The result was very successful.”

“I once consulted my Ophthalmologist during his lunch time, and he attended to me without finishing his lunch. His understanding and concern shown towards his patients can be scarcely found in other medical centres. I am very pleased to have received timely treatment in Singapore National Eye Centre where the doctors care about their patients.”

Singapore National Eye Centre

50 senior and experienced eye surgeons, total staff strength of 460

Ultra-modern facility with state-of-the-art technology and equipment

Quality assurance programme backed by 100% clinical audit of outcomes

High impact research teams leading to latest treatment strategies

Multi-expert approach to treatment of complex eye conditions

250,000 outpatient visits, 14,000 major eye surgeries, 13,000 laser procedures annually

Singapore National Eye Centre

11 Third Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168751, International Patient Service 24-hour Hotline: 65-6100- 9393

E-mail: visit

69. According to this passage, the Eye Centre is ______.

A. a charity organization helping people solve their eye problems

B. an institute focusing on eye-treatment research

C. a hospital specializing in eye-problem treatment and research

D. an international institute treating people’s diseases

70. Mr. Huang’s case in the advertisement is intended to ______.

A. give people advice on how to find good doctors to treat eye diseases#p#分页标题#e#

B. assure people of high quality of SNEC

C. explain the consequences of neglecting eye problems

D. tell foreigners they are welcome to SNEC

71. Which of the following statements is TRUE of SNEC?

A. Patients outside Singapore should call SNEC on work days.

B. Latest treatment strategies result from multi-expert approach to treatment of eye diseases.

C. High impact research teams are invited to deal with complex conditions.

D. Nearly 11precent of the staff of SNEC are senior and experienced ophthalmologists.


For most thinkers since the Greek philosophers, it was self-evident that there is something called human nature, something that constitutes the essence of man. There were various views about what constitutes it, but there was agreement that such an essence exists—that is to say, that there is something by virtue of which man is man. Thus man was defined as a rational(理性的) being, as a social animal, an animal that can make tools, or a symbol-making animal.

More recently, this traditional view has begun to be questioned. One reason for this change was the increasing emphasis given to the historical approach to man. An examination of the history of humanity suggested that man in our time is so different from man in previous times that it seemed unrealistic to assume that men in every age have had in common something that can be called “human nature.” The historical approach was strengthened, particularly in the United States, by studies in the field of cultural anthropology (人类学)。 The study of primitive peoples has discovered such a diversity of customs, values, feelings, and thoughts that many anthropologists arrived at the concept that man is born as a blank sheet of paper on which each culture writes its text. Another factor contributing to the tendency to deny the assumption of a fixed human nature was that the concept has so often been abused as a shield(盾牌) behind which the most inhuman acts are committed. In the name of human nature, for example, Aristotle and most thinkers up to the eighteenth century defended slavery. Or in order to prove the rationality and necessity of the capitalist form of society, scholars have tried to make a case for acquisitiveness, competitiveness, and selfishness as natural human characters. Popularly, one refers cynically(愤世嫉俗地) to “human nature” in accepting the inevitability of such undesirable human behavior as greed, murder, cheating and lying.

Another reason for disbelief about the concept of human nature probably lies in the influence of evolutionary thinking. Once man came to be seen as developing in the process of evolution, the idea of a substance which is contained in his essence seemed untenable. Yet I believe it is precisely from an evolutionary standpoint that we can expect new insight into the problem of the nature of man.

72. Most philosophers believed that human nature ________.#p#分页标题#e#

A. is the quality distinguishing man from other animals

B. consists of competitiveness and selfishness

C. is something partly innate and partly acquired

D. consists of rationality and undesirable behavior

73. The traditional view of “human nature” was strongly challenged by ________.

A. the emergence of the evolutionary theory

B. the historical approach to man

C. new insight into human behavior

D. the philosophical analysis of slavery

74. According to the passage, anthropologists believe that human beings ________.

A. have some characters in common

B. are born with diverse cultures

C. are born without a fixed nature

D. change their characters as they grow up

75. The author mentioned Aristotle, a great ancient thinker, in order to ________.

A. emphasize that he contributed a lot to defining the concept of “human nature”

B. show that the concept of “human nature” was used to justify social evils

C. prove that he had a profound influence on the concept of “human nature”

D. support the idea that some human characters are inherited.

Section C

Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need.

A. Try to know more about your child.

B. Being a daddy is your top priority.

C. Value your child for what he is.

D. Let your child teach you.

E. Time is of the essence.

F. Look for the good and praise it.

Seven Simple Rules for Dad

My main object in life is to make sure I do the best possible job rais¬ing Tommy, now aged ten. That means I have to be the best possible father I can be. I am no psychologist, but I do see what succeeds with my son and me. I also observe other fathers. Here is what I have found works best in the dad department.



The key to a happy child is having a dad who is there with him consis¬tently, day in and day out. It is far better to spend evening after evening just sitting near him while he reads a book or plays on the computer than to spend a couple of hours every Saturday buying him toys or taking in a movie.

2. Share your strengths and fears.

You are your child‘s ally, not his adversary. The child who knows that his father was once afraid of the dark, and is still afraid of needles, gets to know that his own weaknesses are part of mankind, not a unique shame.



Encouragement is the primary engine of human development. I have been telling Tommy for a year now that he is a whiz in math because I know he can calculate in a nanosecond the number of toys he can buy with his allowance. Now he’s a whiz in math at school too. Consistent recognition of a child‘s strengths is more important by far than vitamins. You deny it to them at their peril and yours.#p#分页标题#e#

4. Do not allow your children to be rude.

My son is expected to share, answer others when they greet him and congratulate those who succeed. By teaching him about politeness, I make sure he realizes that others’ feelings are worth taking into account. If he can get that into his little towhead, he will have learned the most basic foundation of human interaction.



A common misstatement about child development is that “kids don‘t come with instruction manuals(操作指南)。” Not true—they do. They tell you when they’re hungry. They tell you when they’re lonely or scared. They are like little guided tours of themselves. Children will tell you what they want, although not always with words. Fatigue, irritability and sadness are ways of telling Dad what they need. Look and listen.



When Tommy knows he is loved for himself, not for any particular accomplishment, he has a certain peace that allows him to learn better, sleep better, play better, be more helpful around the house. Whether he becomes a rocket scientist or a plumber, I want Tommy to know he‘s No. 1 with me.



If you decide your kids come before your sales quota or bridge game, you will find that all the other pieces of Daddyhood fall into place. When you put your kids first, you’re getting the most value for every hour on earth. What’s more, you have made the rightest decision of your life.

—BENJAMIN J. STEIN in The Washingtonian

Section D

Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words.

It is estimated that around of the approximately six thousand languages that are spoken today, over three thousand of them are likely to have disappeared by the year 2100. Many of these are now classified as endangered languages and are classified as such by factors such as the number of speakers a language has, the age of the speakers, and the percentage of the youngest generation acquiring fluency in the language. For example, a language with many tens of thousands of speakers may be considered endangered if the children in the community are no longer learning the language. This scenario (情节) may happen in a place like Indonesia which as many different languages in use, but is trying to make communication easier by teaching a national language nation-wide. In another scenario, a language may only have a few hundred speakers but may not be considered endangered because all of the children in the community are learning the language.

Once a language is classified as endangered, conservation efforts may be made in an attempt to revive the language. Whether or not to make such efforts is a decision which is ultimately made by the speakers of the language themselves, but success often requires a great deal of help and approval from the government or other authorities.#p#分页标题#e#

One of the most famous language conservation success stories is that of the Welsh language. Historically, large numbers of Welsh people spoke only Welsh, but eventually English became the main language of Wales and fewer and fewer people learned Welsh. Conservation efforts began to be made in the mid-20th century with the establishment of such organizations as the Welsh Language Association in 1962. The Welsh Language Act and the Government of Wales Act, both passed in the 1990s, protected the Welsh language and made sure that English and Welsh would have equal status in Wales. Since 2000, the study of the Welsh language has been a compulsory subject in school. Today, over 22% of the population of Wales are Welsh speakers, up from 18% in 1991.

81. What factors are taken into consideration when we classify languages as endangered ones, besides the number and the age of the speakers?

82. One of the reasons why some languages go declining in Indonesia is___________________

83. The word “ revive” in Para 2, most probably means ‘_______________________’。

84. What does the example of the Welsh language try to tell us?

(Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.)


I 。 Translation

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets.

1. 这三天的社会实践让我们受益匪浅。(benefit)

2. 令我们宽慰的是,政府正在采取措施改善我们的住房条件。(relief)

3. 尽管困难重重,他从未放弃过成为一名优秀建筑师的愿望。(desire)

4. 第一次看Gangnam Style的时候,其生动的节奏,富有创意的舞蹈,给我留下了深刻的印象。(The first time)

5. 一些大城市的空气正日益恶化,这应该让我们警觉到:环保意识的缺乏已让市民付出了健康的代价。(alert)

II. Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

人们常会因自己失去的而悲伤,而往往忽略了自己拥有的。请以“Appreciate What You Have”为题,叙述一件自己的经历的,或是看到的,或是听说过的事,并谈谈自己的感受。


 对故事的具体描述。

 简述自己的感受



第一卷 2013.4

I. Listening Comprehension (1-10小题每题1分,11-16小题每题2分)

1-5 DABDC 6-10 DADBC 11-13 DCB 14-16 CAD

17. 1208 18. extend 19. negotiation 20. luggage

21. in a library 22. was sleeping 23. find a topic 24. customs and buildings


II. Grammar and Vocabulary (25-49小题每题1分)

Section A 25-29 CCDCD 30-34 CABBA 35-39 ADBCB 40. A

Section B 41. C 42. D 43. A 44. J 45. E 46. B 47. H 48. G 49. F

III. Reading Comprehension (50-64小题每题1分,65-75小题每题2分,,76-80 小题每题1分)#p#分页标题#e#

Section A 50-54 C ADCA 55-59 BACDA 60-64 DCBBD

Section B 65-68 BDBA 69-71 CBD 72-75 AACB

Section C  76. E 77. F 78. D 79. C 80.B

Section D

81. The percentage of young people among speakers.

82. to make communication easier/to teach a national language nation-wide

81. bring sth. back to life / bring sth. back into use / save

82. An endangered language can be saved by conservation efforts.


I. Translation

1. We benefited a lot from the three-day social practice.

The three-day social practice benefited us a lot.

2. To our relief, the government is taking measures/action to improve our housing conditions.

3. Despite many difficulties / In spite of many difficulties, he never gave up his desire to become /be an excellent / outstanding / a distinguished architect.

4. The first time I watched Gangnam Style, I was deeply impressed by its lively rhythm and creative dance. / its lively rhythm and creative dance impressed me a lot / deeply / greatly.

5. The air quality in some big cities is getting / becoming from bad to worse, which should alert us( to the fact) that the lack of environmental awareness has come at the expense of the health of the citizens. / the lack of environmental awareness (lacking environmental awareness) has cost the citizens their health. / …that the citizens have paid ( high) price for the lack of environmental awareness.

II. Guided Writing